Diversity at
The Next Street

Why is Diversity Important to us?

Here at The Next Street, we feel that a diverse workplace offers a tremendous opportunity for learning. Our company culture is fueled by a thirst for knowledge (one of our core values is “Be Curious”). We value the different perspectives and skill sets that each individual brings to our company.

Diversity comes in many forms such as cultural differences, age, physical and mental abilities, gender, education, etc., and at its broadest definition simply means “a difference between people”. This difference is something that we celebrate. We support employees of all backgrounds and cultures, as well as those who may have a disability. And indeed, one of our company’s goals is to employ a team comprised of individuals of varying gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, and other attributes.Those things that make each one of us different helps to make each person unique and special.

We feel that diversity in our company adds an intrinsic value, allowing our employees to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and ideas. We all come to work with different skill sets and abilities, the important thing is how we work together to solve problems. By embracing differences and supporting our diverse workforce, we are able to tackle these issues through the input of varied experiences and perspectives. We feel that workplace diversity has a positive impact on our business, customers and community.

One of the great benefits of having diversity in our workplace is the ability for people to adapt to changes. We have experienced firsthand the difficulties that can arise in some situations and having teammates who are able to offer different solutions and perspectives enables us to pivot quickly when needed.

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Core Values

Be Curious - You believe in self-improvement and becoming the best version of yourself. You also believe in teaching and helping others become the best versions of themselves. Seek to be more valuable tomorrow than you are today. Look for training opportunities, not only in formal education settings, but in the everyday course of business and life. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch lectures, take classes and use your time and experience each day to be better tomorrow.

Be Nice - Be a good co-worker, be a good neighbor, be a good human. Make the world a better place with every action you take. We achieve our goals by surrounding ourselves with a team of passionate and positive peers.

Think Positively - The glass is always half full. Positive mindsets will lead to positive outcomes. Seek the good in others and the world that surrounds you and that positive energy becomes contagious. Optimism wins every time.

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